Building Entrepreneurial Capital

LifeCo UnLtd’s Champion Mentality Series for Youth is a sequence of four workshops/dialogues that develop the mindset and skills of the youth from schools to universities. LifeCo UnLtd places huge importance on young people, the leaders of tomorrow focusing on identity, development of an entrepreneurial mindset, unlocking leadership and creating the champion within.

Identity – Who am I?

Giving young people the tools and insights to find their purpose and develop their identity based on authenticity, consistency, integrity, initiative and contribution.

Young Entrepreneurs Unlimited

The entrepreneurial mindset unleashes the enterprising potential within young people. True entrepreneurs believe in themselves, challenge the status quo, mobilise people and add value.

New Young Leaders

This programme unlocks the key principles and paradigms of leadership and builds leadership attitudes, behaviours and new young leaders competencies.

The Champion Within

This programme uses the life-work and consciousness of Mr Mandela to inspire and encourage youth to reflect upon their consciousness, their self-leadership, citizenship and their personal contribution to their communities and society.

Advancing Impact Entrepreneurship


LifeCo UnLtd focus is strategically targeted at emerging and early-growth stage impact enterprises
that have impact statements aligned to the following categories:


Enabling Business Partnerships

The LifeCo UnLtd Enterprizer Network


We find, finance and partner with Impact Entrepreneurs who are committed to delivering sustainable solutions to social and environmental challenges in South Africa. We provide a comprehensive programme of financing, supporting and investing in these individuals to help sustain their enterprises.

What are we looking for
in an IE Partner?

Strategic Intent

Unlock the Impact and Financial Potential of Early Stage Enterprises through effective and efficient partnership.


LifeCo presents itself as a direct equity partner to high potential early stage enterprises – that are not yet prepared for mainstream investment, or lack some skills and/or resources that LifeCo may be able to contribute in order to effectively scale the business’ financial and impact outcomes.


LifeCo acquires an equity stake of at least 25% in early stage, emerging and/or pre-growth stage enterprises

LifeCo works with these enterprises to build their growth strategies, enter new markets, source funding, etc – through a considered development and growth model.


There is very little support for early stage enterprises – even those with very high potential in the marketplace. This lack of support is even more evident in the case of impact enterprises

LifeCo believes that – by supporting early stage, high potential, impact enterprises through effective partnership – the organization will have an exponential positive impact on society and the economy.

In order to further LifeCo’s own sustainability, the organisation wants to build meaningful partnerships with other organisations that have the potential to make significant positive social and environmental impact; as well as achieve financial success.

Investment Readiness


The LifeCo UnLtd Investment Readiness Programme aims to facilitate the scaling of successful emerging impact enterprises by addressing gaps in the structure, positioning and resourcing (among other identified gaps); while aiding in the access to larger opportunities and markets; which may eventuate in significant access to capital.

The Investment Readiness focus is strategically targeted at emerging and growth stage impact enterprises in the following categories:

Innovative Education Solutions

Innovative Education

Unlocking New Markets

New Markets

Renewable and Clean energy

Renewable and
Clean energy

Alternative Agriculture and Water Solutions

Alternative Agriculture
and Water Solutions

Access to technology

Access to

Social Housing