Corporate Services

LifeCo UnLtd has extended its offering to corporates that are looking to enhance their leadership capabilities,
innovativeness and overall sustainability.

Sidima Advisory

Sidima is a boutique advisory service offering a unique combination of specialist advice and interventions, designed to suit the dynamic requirements of Medium-Large Enterprises, and their Empowerment Partners.

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LifeCo UnLtd’s Mindset Academy through the Champion Mentality Series for Leaders offers a sequence of five workshops/dialogues that develops one’s consciousness, leadership and purpose-centred champion mentality.

Build your life brand

Deals with your personal Life Brand (or lack thereof) directly impacts your life through your ethics, values, principles and attitudes.

Personal Mastery for Professional Success

Unlocks your potential for greater workplace performance and develops the attitudes and behaviours that will make you eligible for greater leadership in your company.

Raymond Ackerman - The Champion Within

The entrepreneurial mind-set unleashes the enterprising potential within people. True entrepreneurs believe in themselves, challenge the status quo, mobilise people and add value.

Nelson Mandela - The Champion Within

Delves in-depth into how very skilled managers eventually realise that leadership is about people and committed service. Using the life-work of Nelson Mandela, leaders will deepen their humanising consciousness, critical thinking, and purpose detection for expanded, impactful leadership. Even in business, Mandela’s example has relevance.