Change Maker Schools

In the last two years, we’ve learnt that it is important to offer schools strategic engagement opportunities to amplify their innovations, towards demonstrating the learners’ practical changemaking-in-action skills to the ecosystem.┬áThere is a need for partnerships that will help to showcase the value of these skills to the ecosystem at large, enabling rapid mind-set shift around the goals of education.┬áThe partnership between LifeCo UnLtd and Ashoka is designed to engage the school teams, and the learners within the schools, and demonstrate the possibilities for young people in South Africa today.

As these young people then go out into their communities, families and neighbourhoods, creating their own change-projects, they continue to demonstrate value for Changemaker skills in these spaces.

At the same time, through the Changemaker education workshops, we bring together external stakeholders and partners to further understand, and invest in this re-imagination of education and its goals. These processes are critically important to sustain the change we facilitate among young people and their school environments.